Nanolap Technologies, LLC provides solutions for demanding surface finishing applications. We offer a broad array of abrasive products for use in lapping, polishing, microfinishing, fining, sanding, honing, buffing, cleaning, and other surface generation applications. In addition to standard product offerings, we work with our customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs responsively and cost-effectively.

Our products are proudly made in the USA to the highest levels of performance and consistency by combining our know-how of abrasive and material technology with precision manufacturing capabilities. Our vertically integrated R&D, manufacturing and conversion operations, allow us to provide innovative surface generation solutions and price competitive products.

Our world-class manufacturing facilities and unique manufacturing processes include precision coating of abrasives on film, paper, nonwovens, fabrics, and other substrates, as well as lamination, precision die-cutting, and slitting to produce discs, rolls, sheets, and specialty products. Rigorous process and quality controls are applied throughout our entire process, from incoming raw materials to finished goods.

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