We produce a comprehensive line of polishing slurries, with a range of particle sizes 1µm and coarser, using aluminum oxide, silicon carbide, diamond, and cerium oxide powders. Physical and chemical properties (abrasive particle size, crystal phase, purity, viscosity, pH) are tightly controlled to maximize product performance for each lapping and polishing application. Our line of polishing slurries covers a broad range of surfacing applications, such as ophthalmic, automotive, metal polishing, glass polishing, and plastic polishing.

Looking for a polishing solution? Please call our customer service directly at 1-877-658-4949. Our application engineers will recommend products tailored to your specific application.

Typical Properties of our polishing slurries:

  • Excellent dispersion properties
  • Fast material removal rate
  • Controlled surface finish
  • Long life
  • Low foam
  • Easy to clean